Contact Info:

Shagreen Nursery
Emile L. Gebel
136 Arboretum Way
Shelby, NC 28150
Phone: 704-482-222
[email protected]

Shagreen Nursery celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2013 after establishing themselves as a premier garden center in the Southeast and as Cleveland County’s destination retail garden center. Shagreen is an independent retail garden center that is open year-round to provide specific plants for the spring, summer, fall and Christmas seasons. They are true growers of what they sell, and select only those items that are tried and true and are suitable for local growing conditions.

Their knowledgeable staff are both gardeners and growers themselves; their combined years of horticulture experience, both personally and professionally, total over 160 years! They can advise you on how to put in new installation, garden maintenance, turf care/maintenance, and proper planting techniques.

Shagreen Nursery & Arboretum offers a wide array of plants : annuals (changing seasonally), perennials, herbs, house plants, hanging baskets, shrubs, trees, bonsai and select vegetable plants in season. From the ordinary to extraordinary, Shagreen carries the old-timey standards to unique, unusual and hard-to-find plants that will soon become your new favorites! They are also using new innovative techniques, such as grafting heirloom tomatoes to produce a higher yielding plant for the avid gardener. The retail store carries horticulture-related products, as well as soil, mulches and fertilizers.

Dr. Emile L. Gebel’s grandparents were florist in France. Much of his gardening knowledge was passed down from his French family. Before he started Shagreen Nursery, Emile went to medical school to become a doctor. He became the first opthamologist in Cleveland County! He performed the first ever eye surgery in Cleveland County in 1966! He retired from his medical practice and started Shagreen Nursery in 1993. Dr. Emile loves all the plants and flowers he grows, but Marigolds are by far his favorite.

A large portion of the plants that are in his nursery are plants that people have given him throughout the years. He gets a lot of plants in the winter time. He also receives plants from trial gardens from colleges and universities. The University of Georgia is a big supplier for Shagreen.

Shagreen Nursery is conveniently located just a short drive from the uptown Foothills Farmers Market location. Shagreen invites you to stop by their booth at the Farmers’ Market or come by their store to pick out the perfect plant for you!