T&S Farm

Spencer sellingThomas Lewis Jr. and son, Spencer began growing shiitake and oyster mushrooms 4 years ago.  Gaining experience by working on their Uncle Loyd Lewis’ farm, the younger Lewis generations continued the family adventure into their own back yard.  The availability of fresh, locally grown mushrooms was a wonderful asset to Foothills Farmers’ Market- as evidenced by the empty baskets early in the day!

Thomas began his interest in gardening as a young teenager, and focused attention to his greenhouses full of flowers.  He continued learning about gardening through horticulture classes in high school.  He started his farm with a goat (that quickly turned into more than 40!), chickens, and guineas.  In 2009, bee hives began to line the Lewis homestead and they joined the Cleveland County Beekeeper’s Association.
Spencer not only enjoys his time out doors with his Dad, but the adventure of growing unique produce.  He has enjoyed spending his Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market, which has encouraged him to invest more energy and attention to the family farm.
The 2013 growing season from T & S farms will bring, in addition to the mushrooms and wildflower honey, a wide range of vegetables will be offered to Cleveland County residents at the market.  We hope to see you there!

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