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When asked what her favorite part of farming was, Sherri Greene replied, “I like my hands in the dirt, watching things grow, crawling around on hands and knees harvesting.”
Sherri’s husband, Derek Greene looked at her incredulously and said, “Really?”
Then he quickly followed up by saying, “I like eating!”. Sherri continued, “I like the peace of mind in knowing that I am providing good, healthy food.”

Derek and Sherri are the owners of Greene Family Farm at 202 Pleasant Ridge Church Road in Shelby, NC. Both grew up on farms, Derek in Cleveland County and Sherri in South Bend, Indiana.

Sherri says, “Our youngest son had obvious food sensitivities. So, when he was a baby, we got serious about providing him and us with good unprocessed food. When we changed to accommodate his sensitivities, he felt better and we realized we felt better.”

Derek is a graduate of Crest High School, where he now teaches history. He also earned a BA in philosophy from Wake Forest University and a MA in philosophy from Notre Dame.
Derek says, “We have been keeping chickens for 15 years and have been selling the eggs from our home. I continue to purchase baby chicks so that we will have layers year round. We pasture the chickens in an electric fence that is movable. The chickens exist in the fresh air and sunshine, eating grass and insects. We use about 1/4 to 1/3 acre which is in woods and in pasture. About every 2 weeks we will move them and their roosting shed to another location.”

Sherri continues, “I have a friend, who is a former chef, when she purchased the first dozen eggs from us, she made this comment:” “Sherri, I’ve never tasted eggs this good. I will never buy eggs from a grocery store again!”

Derek says, “Our soil has changed from red to black because of mulch and the chickens. The soil is filled with nutrients.” Derek credits Joel Salatin, a major farmer in Virginia, with assisting them most in their farming endeavors. Salatin writes books about farming and contributes profusely to farming magazines through his articles. He is not a certified organic farmer but he is one who encourages farmers to take a stand on good food for your family and for sale.

Sherri is glad to have had guidance from Chef Jean-Pierre Marechal; from the restaurant, Savannah Red at Marriott City Center in Charlotte. He has visited Greene Family Farm, where he was most complimentary of their Mache medley salad mix, a French salad that they grow in winter. He purchases it for his restaurant along with herbs and other produce from the farm.

Sherri is a graduate of the University of Indiana in South Bend, with degrees in both Communications and English. The children are home schooled and have specific jobs in the farming operation. Caroline, age 17, packages product and keeps records; Anne Marie, age 16, concentrates on the herbs; Hannah, age 14, is the baker; Nathanael, age 13 moves chicken houses, helps build and repair; and Seth, age 8 helps gather, carry, wash and pack and spreads mulch.

The Greene Family Farm kitchen is certified for home processing. They sell muffins, breads, cookies, salads, herbs, greens, eggs and whole chickens from their home. During the summer they have seasonal produce such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Derek and Sherri sell on line through the Farmer’s Fresh Market of Rutherford County. Last year they sold from Foothills Farmers’ Market’s satellite location in Boiling Springs Farmer’s Market and will continue to do so this year. They enjoyed the customers they met there and some continue to buy from them at their home.

Living in the house and on the land that was once farmed by Derek’s grandparents, the Greene family is committed, vibrant and energetic. They have plans for their future that contain a small flock of turkeys, some pigs and some beef cattle. You may learn more about them at They may be reached at 704 434-7468 or 704 300-4548. Their business card carries the following message:

“We practice artisanal agriculture on one Greene Acre in the heart of Swainsville, NC.”

  • Greene Family Farm
  • Derek & Sherri Greene
  • 202 Pleasant Ridge Church Road
  • Shelby, NC 28152
  • 704-434-7468 or 704-477-5248
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