Big John’s Hydro Farm

 The Carroll’s farm was formerly a dairy farm, from 1960 to the 1980s. They have offered mushrooms and produce since 2009, and hydroponic tomatoes since 2014, which now result in 90 percent of the farm’s income. Hydroponic operations are rare in Cleveland County. John offers field days for local students and sets up a farm booth at the county fair demonstrating how the hydroponic farm works. John and James produce 15,000 pounds of hydroponic tomatoes annually. img_74251-1

“I can provide quality fresh vegetables throughout the winter on my hydroponic tomato farm,” John said. “This gives my family and myself food to eat and income from the sale of my products to our community. I also donate the utility vegetables or seconds to the church I grew up going to as a kid.”

  • Big John's Hydro Farm
  • John Carroll
  • 1324 E. Stagecoach Trail
  • Lawndale, NC 28090
  • 704-913-3074 704-538-7698
  • [email protected]

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