Cafe at the Mall

Look for Cafe at the Mall’s sweet potato bread, multigrain bread, and sweet potato biscuits at the C-Saw Hill Farm table on Saturday mornings. Their baked goods are prepared with local ingredients in Forest City, NC. 

Café at the Mall opened in 1999 with the mission of serving the freshest, most delicious foods emphasizing quality. Seasonal menus and daily specials feature local products such as tomatoes, mushrooms, berries, beef, honey, eggs, and herbs to name a few. Farmers and gardeners bring their offerings to our back door and are always welcome.

Liz Rose, chef/owner of the Café is also a Registered Dietitian. She spent years in the clinical side of nutrition before opening Café at the Mall. The Café was born out of a desire to show people how to eat healthier rather than just telling people what they should eat.

Café at the Mall is located inside the Tri-City Mall. Lunch is served Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Café is available for private breakfast and dinner groups and meetings. Contact us for details.

  • Cafe at the Mall
  • Tri City Mall
  • Forest City, NC
  • 828-245-3615