Payment Types

Cash is universally accepted, and some vendors will accept personal checks.  A few vendors will personally take credit cards.  But if you get to the market without enough cash to buy everything you want, we can help you solve that problem!  Come visit us at the Token Tent.

Our debit and FNS/EBT program began March 3, 2013.

Our new debit and FNS/EBT token program began in May 2013.

With support from the Community Transformation Grant Project, Foothills Farmers’ Market also accepts debit cards and SNAP/EBT.  Our card services program adds convenience for customers, increases sales for farmers, and improves access to healthy, affordable foods for the entire community.

When you arrive at the Market, come to the red Token & Information Tent to swipe your debit card or SNAP/EBT food benefit card. We’ll give you wooden tokens to spend while you’re shopping.