Do You Qualify?

Foothills Farmers’ Market is a producer’s market interested in showcasing locally grown foods, value-added foods, artisan-quality crafts, and handmade personal/home care products. Everything sold at our market locations must be grown or produced within a 50-mile radius of Cleveland County by a producer member in good standing with Foothills Farmers’ Market.

Priority is given to vendors who live and work in Cleveland County, but we also consider other eligible applicants from the nearby region. New vendors will be evaluated on the product lines they propose to sell, helping us avoid a surplus of certain commodities and continue to expand the diversity of items available at our market.

Special information for Craft and Prepared Food Vendors

As our mission statement states, FFM is focused on the growth of the local economy. As a part of that, the board wants to emphasize the use of locally sourced materials in the artisan goods and prepared foods sold at the market. For the selection of craft vendors for the 2017 season, the board will evaluate arts and crafts based on the following criteria:

  • use of locally sourced elements and materials in their goods
  • level of skill required to produce their goods
  • uniqueness and appropriateness of their goods to the market

Prepared food vendors, please indicate what local ingredients you use in your products. Please make sure your locally sourced materials are clearly listed on your application.

In order to sell with us, vendors must submit a $35 application fee and an application packet that includes copies of any relevant permits, licenses, and certificates.  The application and approval process ensures that vendors sell only locally-grown foods, that crafts and other goods meet our high-quality standards, and that vendors meet all regulatory & food safety requirements established by the NC Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources and/or the Cleveland County Health Department.

If the applicant is approved to sell at Foothills Farmers’ Market, the application fee will serve as the applicant’s membership dues for the current year. If the applicant is rejected, the $35 check will be returned.

Applications received after March 1st will be considered for approval in a timely manner as possible by the market managers and the Board of Directors. At that time a non-refundable application fee of $45 will be collected.